Shafts and Accessories

Kahlenberg has a long history of machining marine propeller shafts. Current capabilities allow for machining of shafts up to 24′ long and 6″” diameter including SAE tapered propeller ends. Materials available include specific stainless steel marine grade shaft alloys numbered 17, 19, 22, and 22HS (of various brand names), chosen not only for their strength and corrosion resistance but also for the production straightness tolerances of these materials vs. typical mill straightness tolerances of non-marine stainless bars. 1045 Steel, turned, ground, and polished is also used for fresh water applications. Finished machined straightness tolerances are to ABYC standards or better depending on requirements of the customer. ABS and other certifications are also available.

Shaft repair and straightening services are also performed in house along with repair or replacement of struts, rudder posts, bearings, seals, stuffing boxes, transmission couplings, and muff couplings.

Marine Propeller Shafts And Accessories